Changing the World with a Pencil

The adventure of PoP began years ago with a simple question to a child encountered on the streets of India. “What do you want most in the world” asked Adam Braun, a student backpacker at the time. “A pencil” answered the child. Then Adam reached into his backpack and handed him a pencil. “A smile erupted and his eyes brightened. And I saw then the profound power and promise brought through something as small as a giving a pencil to just one child.”

After years of backpacking through more than 50 countries, handing out thousands of pens and pencils, he eventually decided to start an international nonprofit. A nonprofit that would build schools in the developing world, working with local communities, and also training young leaders to take action at home and abroad. A nonprofit that would try to create a better world through education and passion. In 2008, PoP was born.

So far, PoP has built 23 schools across Laos and Nicaragua. And another 10, including new schools in Guatemala, are underway. The PoP community has grown to more than 100,000 passionate people. Want to join the PoP movement? There are many fun ways to take action, one of those being to create a fundraiser page for you own school. The winning school of this school4all contest will receive a visit from Justin Bieber.


Download to Donate

Downloading music you love while giving to a great cause, now that’s good karma, isn’t it?

It’s called Download to Donate. You get to choose between 2 causes to support: Haiti or Japan. And for a donation of $10 or more, you get access to a growing collection of songs.

Get the word out, it’s awesome!


One Laptop per Child

One Laptop per Child.  The concept is simple: to empower the world’s poorest children through education by providing each and every one with a laptop.   

To achieve its mission, One Laptop Per Child teamed up with experts who gave birth to the first XO.  It’s a small, rugged, low-power, low-cost and connected laptop, the size of a notebook, specifically designed to work in tough conditions. It’s packed with software and activities that allow children living in the poorest and most remote places in the world to learn, create, and share, no matter where they live.

Rodrigo Arboleda, the Chairman and CEO of the One Laptop per Child Association, will give a talk tomorrow at UCLA. KarmaGoat can’t wait to meet him!


Nonprofits + Creative People = Good Work

If you’re a nonprofit, you need a good video explaining your cause and great work to reach current and new donors. But it’s sometimes hard to find the right creative person to do it, especially for free.

If you’re a creative type, you sometimes wish your creativity had more impact than the beautiful commercials you give life to. But you don’t necessarily know a good cause to help.

Introducing Good Work, a contest on Youtube that connects nonprofits with creative people. You’re a nonprofit? Submit your brief. You’re a creative? Browse the categories you’re interested in and pick a brief.

Create the most awesome video and submit it before May 9th 2011: the winner will be invited to the Cannes Lions Festival in June 2011 where the video will be showcased.


Break the Silence

On April 25th, after remaining silent for 25 consecutive hours, people in 18 cities across the US will gather to Break the Silence, together. 

Invisible Children, the awesome nonprofit behind this event, is raising awareness on the issue of child abduction in Uganda. For the past 25 years, guerrilla warrior Joseph Kony and his army have led a violent campaign to establish a theocracy, using children as soldiers.

To give these children a voice and attend the Break the Silence event on April 25th, simply raise $25 that will support Invisible Children’s work. You’ll get access to the full festivities, including live acoustic musical performances.

Doing good and being rewarded with more good… pretty good karma, no?


Great Cause + Great Design = Children Now

One of the major challenges for nonprofits’ websites is to look clear, serious and appealing at the same time.

With its beautiful pictures and simple navigation, Children Now, a national organization that works to ensure that children are the top public policy priority, shows the way in terms of web design. An artistic and young approach that makes you want to learn more about the cause:


Soon, you’ll be able to free your stuff and shop from friends on www.karmagoat.com to support Children Now!  Baaa.